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                                                  About  ZXSQ


Beijing Zhong Xing shi Qiang Ceramic Bearing Co. Ltd.(ZXSQ) is the first high-tech enterprise of its kind in China, which is specialized in research, development and production of rare-earth ceramic.


Our company was first set up in Harbin in the year of 1999 and then moved to Beijing in 2003 with its present premises at Beijing Weishanzhuang Industrial Zone No. 38, Daxing District, Beijing, China. More than 20 years before its establishment, the company founder started the painstaking research work, and, as a result, was granted with the Chinese National Original Development Patents (Rare-earth ceramic bearing patent No. ZL92114993.X and Ceramic balls processing art patent No. ZL94106294.S) as early as in 1992.


Currently ZXSQ is capable of producing four kinds of high performance ceramic material products made of Si3N4, SsiC, ZrO2 and Al2O3。


The leading products of our company are ceramic bearings and ceramic balls. We manufacture more than 280 types of different full ceramic bearings and hybrid bearings, with precision grade from P0 up to P4, and ceramic balls with high precision up to G5.


Ceramic bearings and ceramic balls have characteristics of strong resistance against all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium erosion, against high temperature, wear-resistant, lightest structure weight, high limiting speed, low noise, electrical insulation, dimensional stability at high temperature, small starting torque etc. They can be used in worse lubrication working condition with a long operating life. They are widely applicable in aviation, aerospace, marine, petrolium,chemical, mechanical, automobile, motocycle, metallurgy, electronics, textiles pumps, pharmaceutical, food machinery, medical equipment, national defence and military technology, etc.,thus becoming a new kind of high-tech products material, with great social and economical value.


In addition to the ceramic bearings and ceramic balls, the company also produces many other ceramic components, such as ceramic mechanical seals, ceramic nozzles, ceramic gages, ceramic bearing standard pieces, ceramic wire-drawing dies, ceramic battery dies, ceramic activities fulcrum, ceramic bullet-proof plates, ceramic valves parts and ceramic plungers etc, and the company also successfully developed ceramic bearings with ceramic sealing shields.


Our ceramic products have been exported worldwide since more than 10 years, and win a good fame. We have business friends and partners the world over.