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Name : Carl Hambraeus / SPEKUMA Kullager AB2012-9-17 21:57:56
Hello, Can you pse quote: Ceramic bearings, ZrO2 with PTFE-cage 50 pcs CE 51101 ZrO2 PTFE 50 pcs CE 6002 ZRO2 PTFE Best regards Carl Hambraeus Sales Manager SPEKUMA KULLAGER AB P.O.Box 10 SE-132 21 Saltsjoe-Boo SWEDEN Tel: +46-8 715 02 55 Fax: +46-8 715 29 37 E-mail: carl@spekuma.se Web-page: www.spekuma.se
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Name : Massimiliano Zanetta2012-5-16 16:59:07
Buongiorno, come da accordi con il Sig. Zheng Wang presso la fiera di Milano, le invio la presente, in quanto vorrei ordinare dei cuscinetti in ceramica schermati da entrambe le parti. Mi servirebbero per iniziare N°10 serie 6000 e N°5 serie 61803. Attendo risposta per il costo e il sistema di pagamento, cordiali saluti. Massimiliano Zanetta
Reply : Dear Mr.Massimiliano Zanetta, This is Wenny from ZXSQ,China. Mr.WangZheng is my manager. You are interested in ceramic bearing 6000 and 61803. And I also want to know your use condition and operating requirement.Whether need resistant to wear or corrosion resisting, or electric insulation?There are 3 material used to produce bearings---SSiC, ZrO2 and Si3N4.We would like to choose the most suitable material for you. Could you give me more information of your company and your requirements?We really want to build a positive business relationship with you. Any further information,Please contact me freely! Thank you and Best regards!
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